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Watch Connect Rates Skyrocket!

How Ringless Voice Broadcasting works.

  • Interacting with The Live Transfers Voicemail Broadcast system is as easy as leaving a voicemail message by phone. You get a secure voicemail box in order to record your message in our central recording system. You can create and record your own script, however we have professionals in-house to help with both the script, and the recording process.
  • The script can be recorded as many times as necessary to ensure satisfaction. Once the message has been recorded, it is ready to be delivered. You can stipulate when the broadcast will start.
  • Ringless Voice Broadcasting benefits
  • Fuses the power of direct mail and telemarketing for a fraction of the cost
  • Get immediate results
  • Guaranteed delivery
  • Reaches thousands of people in a matter of minutes
  • No production cost
  • Access and deliver your message from any touch-tone telephone
  • Can target specific geographic areas
  • Boasts guaranteed listenership
  • Extremely non-intrusive as message goes directly to voicemail without ever ringing the telephone
  • One-to-one medium
  • Much more cost-effective than conventional telemarketing
  • Millions of phone numbers across North America (estimated growth of 30% per year)
  • Infinite market applications

Key Points to Consider With Ringless Voice Drop

Prices as low as 3.0¢ per successful message Drop.

  • Only Pay for Successful Drops. TheLiveTransfers only charges for successful Ringless Voicemail Drops.
  • No phone call is ever made directly to the subscriber.
  • Only a landline to landline session,is established to drop the message.
  • The subscriber is not billed for the call.
  • The phone does not ring and the network does not carry an active call.
  • The FCC defines voicemail service as enhanced information services. 100% Legal!
  • The FCC has intentionally not regulated Enhanced Information Services.
  • When used responsibly Ringless Voicemail Drops are also 100% TCPA, FCC and CRTC Compliant.
  • With TheLiveTransfers Ringless Voicemail Drops, target voicemails without ringing your recipient’s cell phone.
  • There are over 328 million mobile phones in the US. Mobile phones are a huge demographic.
  • Ringless Voicemail Drops increase your response rate by up to 80%. Everyone has voicemail and 96% of people check their messages.
  • Voice Message length is not limited. You are charged by the drop, not the minute.
  • All-In-One Platform – Ringless VMs, Voice Broadcasting, IVR Surveys and Press ONE Transfers all in one single hosted platform. No need to juggle
  • between different platforms to complete various tasks.
  • Use the massive buying power of your group, allowing you to get the best cost. White Label our service.
  • Massive Capacity – Drop thousands of flawless Ringless Voicemail Drops directly into voicemails per hour. Dialer Central has 50,000 dedicated ports to handle massive campaign volumes.
  • NO LONG TERM commitments, NO Setup fee and NO Monthly recurring fees
  • If you need to determine what numbers in your data lists are cell phones.
Voicemail Listen Rate 96%
SMS Advertisement Open Rate 89%
Voice Broadcasting Listen Rate 37%
Direct Mail Open rate 34%
Email Ad Open Rate 23%

Ringless Voicemail Pricing

  • 5000 @ .08

  • 10000 @ .06

  • 50000 @ .04

  • 100000 @ .03