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Located in the heart of the Telecom industry in Manila, Philippines The Live Transfers company takes pride in delivering top notch, Live Transfer Leads.

the live transfers

David Webb, an American Citizen who founded Leads Direct Marketing and later “The Data Suite” moved to the Philippines to operate this business and is proud of the success it has generated. “I love what I do, and that’s to help business close more sales and make more money,” says Webb.

The Live Transfers company hires only college graduates. One of the many myths regarding the use of Philippine call centers is the quality of the Telemarkets. That’s why Webb only hires college graduates, who have a complete grasp of the English language.

“Universities in the Philippines teach their students using English. Students are forced to become fluent in English” says Webb.

“Good telemarketers get paid less than $2.00 per hour here, and that is exceptionally high paying job” adds Webb. This explains why The Live Transfers Company sells their transfers for 70-80% cheaper than typical US firms.

the live transfers

Deo Manuel is a dual citizen (American and Filipino). His business background in the U.S.A. spans 25 years of diverse training and experience in various areas of business operations such as marketing, management with emphasis on finance, human resources, labor relations, and general administration.

Deo started his career in the banking industry and stayed there for several years. He further augmented his work experience by accepting a senior management position in the airline industry as a Controller and then moved to various healthcare organizations also as a Controller. He ended his senior management position as Chief Financial Officer in 2010.

From thereon, Deo decided to become an entrepreneur. He started his own consulting business in the area of Accounting, Tax Preparation, and Human Resources. The following year, he further expanded his business ownership where he acquired two companies—one is a medical equipment rental, repairs and maintenance services, and bio-medical support. The other is a handi-van transportation services catering to the needs of elders and people with disabilities. In 2016, Deo sold his businesses in the U.S.A. and decided to move to the Philippines. This is where Deo and David met and formed TheLiveTransfers.com. Deo and David compliment each other in terms of business background– an ideal component for a successful business venture.